Fresh Orange Juice

For 2 glasses:


  • Orange: 6
  • Sugar: 3 to 4 tbsp (as per your taste)
  • Honey: 2tsp
  • Salt: pinch
  • Cut oranges into half.
  • Squeeze oranges.
  • Add sugar, salt & honey mix well.
Note: I use electric citrus juicer so add all ingredients in to juicer jar while extracting juice. 

Preparing glass for juice:
  • Take clean dry glass.
  • Wet the tip of glass by rubbing on the halved orange.
  • Put 1tbsp salt on plate.
  • Now place one side of the glass tip on salt & rotate the glass gently so that salt sticks to all sides of the glass tip.
  • Cut small triangle piece of orange.
  • Place orange piece on the glass.
  •  Pour juice into the glass.
  • Refreshing fresh orange juice is ready to serve.
Note: You can add ice cubes.

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Fresh Orange Juice on Foodista

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Deepa said...

such a refreshing cool

Trish said...

yummmmmmmm..I love OJ! only I prefer mine w/o sugar.:D
I love your pictures.

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