Garlic Paste & Ginger Paste



Garlic Paste:
  • Garlic:  1 cup (dry skin removed)
  • Olive Oil:  1/2 cup
  • Vinegar:  1/4 cup
Note: If you have washed the garlic cloves make sure water is dried completely.          

  • Before grinding put the vinegar in the blender & shake well to remove any water & contaminant, drain the vinegar.
  • Add garlic cloves & olive oil grind it to a fine paste.
  • If required add additional oil to make smooth paste.
Note: Don’t forget to drain the vinegar or else the paste differs in taste & colour might turn to blue. Olive oil is used as it is good for health & cholesterol free.

  Garlic Paste

Storing procedure:
  • Pour it in a dry airtight bottle.
  • Put half inch olive oil on top so it floats above the paste (this avoids paste from spoiling).
  • Close the lid & refrigerate.
  • Since we have used oil for grinding & storing, it will retain its aroma & freshness.
  • You can store it for more than 1 year.
Note:  Always need to maintain a layer of oil on top & use dry spoon while taking the paste to avoid fungus formation.

Ginger Paste:
  • Replace garlic with ginger & follow the same procedure.

 Ginger Paste
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aipi said...

Very useful post..thanks for sharing!

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Swathi said...

Nice post, i mostly use freshly grated paste.

Soumya said...

I do the same but I add salt instead of vinegar and keep for a month.I liked urs...especially,great tip on cleaning the blender and is long lasting too....will definitely follow this next time...thanks for sharing...

Priya Suresh said...

Useful post for many of us..i cant live without these pastes..

Uma said...

thanks for sharing these useful tips!

Kitchen Boffin said...

that was very useful.. thanks for sharing..

Mrs K said...

These are the most basic ingredinets used in everday Indian cooking,preserving them and storing them for longer period of time by this method is so useful:) Thanks for sharing. I normally buy ginger in bulk then peel it ,grind it and freeze it in ice -cube tray and store them away in zip-lock for future use.I keep one zip lock ready in the refrigerator for daily use.

Rachana said...

A very useful post! Thanks for dropping by and for your sweet comment.

Nitha said...

good post... i used to do this..

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

your version sounds healthy..!
Tasty appetite

Treat and Trick said...

Very informative post, I didn't know that it can last that long, thanks for the tips...

kitchen queen said...

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