I am Tagged :)

I have been tagged with a questionnaire by coolblogger of ! *** Gourmet's Kitchenette *** !
Thanks for tagging me. I enjoyed answering it.
I was also asked to tag eight blogger friends and keep the ball rolling :) The intention is to help us know each other better.

Questions and my answers...

1. What is your take on organic food, is it a big deal for you?
I would prefer to but due to the low options in the variety, I should buy what they have in the store, where as in a non organic you have multiple choices so I can choose what I need. It really doesn’t matter bcos I don’t prefer eating raw.

2. Do you time your breakfast, lunch & dinner or eat when you are hungry?

I manage to have dinner in time but the breakfast, lunch & snacks has no fixed time.

3. What inspired you to write a food blog?
Some of the food prepared by my Mother, Relatives, Myself & Friends will have it own unique taste. Even though if someone knows all the Ingredients and if they plan to cook they might not get the same flavor and taste unless they follow the steps involved. In order to preserve the cooking methods and to teach the amateur cooks, Earlier I used to note down the recipes in a book now I planned to create my own blog ( http://www.easycookingforamateurs.com ) so I can save & share it with others.
May be this might help my kids & grandkids in future. :) :) :)

4. You try a new recipe and it does not turn out good, what will you do?
I will try to fix it; if it doesn’t work out I might dump it. (I have not dumped any thing so far I have managed to find a fix some how)

5. Name three ingredients you consciously avoid or eliminate even when the recipe calls for it?

Skin, synthetic food colours and fatty items occasionally.

6. Name three things you have to use in most recipes?
Lots of onions, spices & veggies.
 7. How important is eating meals together as a family to you?  
I love to have dinner with my hubby as it is the only time we have food together.

 8. You do not like a particular dish at your favorite restaurant, what will you do?

 If I am not in a hurry definitely I will call the manager or the supervisor of the restaurant & in a polite way I will tell him what I felt wrong in the food and let him taste the food so he knows what I am talking about.
I am passing the set of coolblogger 's questions to some of my friends. Please keep the ball rolling :)

Uma from http://umasculinaryworld.blogspot.com/

Premalatha Aravindhan from http://premascooking.blogspot.com/

Cool Lassi(e) from http://pangravykadaicurry.blogspot.com/

Jagruti from http://joyofcooking247.blogspot.com/

Chaitra from http://www.athidhyam.com/

Susie from http://susieshomemade.blogspot.com/

Sarah Naveen from http://www.vazhayila.com/

Angie’s Recipes from http://angiesrecipes.blogspot.com/

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Suja Manoj said...

So happy to know more about you..Keep Rocking!!!

Hayley said...

Nice to know more about you...thanks for tagging me..will do my best to answer all these questions...!

Soumya said...

glad to know about you...very good answers...
Merry Christmas to you and family

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